BTS’s Jimin Reveals The Stage Names He Almost Ended Up Using—And Why He Decided Against Them

RM couldn’t stop laughing 😂

K-Pop idols can either go by their real name or a completely new stage name. It turns out BTS‘s Jimin almost went by something entirely different!

As ARMYs would know, “Jimin” is both his real name and stage name. In a new interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimin was asked if he seriously considered the name “Baby J” before debut.

Jimin, when you guys were deciding on stage names, is it true that you almost decided to go with ‘Baby J?’ What else was in the running?

— Jimmy Fallon

Jimin confirmed that Baby J was one of the stage names he was interested in. That’s not all, however, because he was also considering “Baby G!” He replied, “So I had both Baby J and Baby G as an option.

The main reason why Jimin ultimately decided to go with his real name is because he realized that “Baby J” sounded “really weird.”

But when I thought about saying, ‘Hi, I’m Baby J,’ that sounded really weird, so I just decided to go on with my real name.

— Jimin

Hilariously, his members—especially RM—couldn’t stop laughing as he answered!

Upon hearing Jimin’s explanation, Jimmy Fallon joked that he could also go by “Jimin Fallon” if he wanted to.

Well, if you decided to make it longer, you can go with Jimin Fallon.

— Jimmy Fallon

Jimin good-naturedly joked that he’ll make sure to use it in the future!

So starting next time, I am going to perform as Jimin Fallon.

— Jimin

To see BTS respond to more “rumors” about them, check out the full interview below.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon