BTS Have The Best Reaction To V Rapping Agust D’s “Daechwita”

V really deserves an honorary position in the rap line!

BTS gave us many iconic moments with 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO.

From left: RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V, Suga, and J-Hope of BTS.

One that has surpassed time is the “Taechwita” meme, courtesy of V in the performance of Agust D‘s (Suga) “Daechwita.”

Now, the 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO DVD has been released, including lots of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage.

Luckily, we get to see lots more fluffy V!

And in the behind-the-scenes rehearsal of “Daechwita,” we see the members preparing for the OT7 performance, particularly V’s rap skills.

V especially was excited to have the opportunity to join the rap line, and we got to see some of the others’ reactions to it.

| HYBE via @BTSArmy_47/Twitter

Leader RM was operating as V’s hypeman while he rapped…

| HYBE via @BTSArmy_47/Twitter

Meanwhile, Jimin and Agust D himself, Suga, were on the sidelines watching. They were clearly amused (and proud)!

| HYBE via @BTSArmy_47/Twitter

<the first row just finds V’s passion cute>
<proud owner>

— Caption

V has been praised in both rehearsals and during the actual event for his “Daechwita” performance.

Time and time again, V proves that he deserves an honorary position in the rap line!

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Source: @BTSArmy_47