BTS’s Jimin Still Rocks The Same T-Shirt From Years Ago, But ARMYs Notice A Big Difference

Did you notice it?

There’s no question that BTS‘s Jimin is a fashion icon.

BTS’s Jimin

Yet, even as a superstar, he has kept clothes from years ago and continues to wear them to this day.

Recently, ARMYs noticed that Jimin was wearing an old T-shirt.

Jimin famously wore the “To The Moon and Back” graphic tee from Saint Laurent in May 2018 at the airport. It cost $390 USD when it was originally released.

He was spotted wearing it again four years later. Jimin wore it on his recent trip to the U.S. while at a recording studio.

Yet, ARMYs noticed that it looked vastly different, and it’s not just his arms!

They pointed out that it appeared that it had been through a lot, and the graphic was damaged as a result.

Others argued it looked so different that it must be an entirely new design from the brand, while many remained convinced that the graphic had just become faded and damaged over time.

Considering Jimin has worn the original T-shirt on more than one occasion, it seems plausible that it could have naturally changed appearance due to frequent use over four years.

Especially when looking at other photos of him in it, you can see the in-between stages in which the shirt’s graphic started cracking.

Either way, Jimin still rocks it!

Same Fit, Different Vibes