K-Pop Idol Training Directors Explain Why BTS Jimin’s Talents Are So Impressive

Every ARMY can agree with this!

Together, chief director Stella and director Yoon Jin Hee have been helping to train idols in dance and vocals at MU:Academy for years. Over the years, they’ve trained some of the biggest stars of today, including members of WINNER, Stray Kids, MONSTA X, OH MY GIRL, MOMOLAND, fromis_9, and more. Naturally, that makes them pretty good at spotting the most talented stars of all. In a new interview with Doyouram, the pair gushed over BTS Jimin‘s skills.

When asked which idol group these days makes him think, “Wow, they’re good,” Yoon Jin Hee named BTS straight away. Yoon explained that while many well-balanced groups have members who are good in one individual skill, the BTS members are “really skilled in every aspect.”

BTS | Big Hit Music

The most skilled group that comes to mind is BTS. They’re definitely really skilled.

— Yoon Jin Hee

As for the specific member with the most impressive talents in BTS, Stella chose none other than Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin | Big Hit Music

I think Jimin, in particular, has a very special voice,” says the chief director. On top of that, she explained that he’s particularly skilled at singing BTS’s lyrics in a way that makes them resonate with the listeners.

MU:Academy directors Stella (left) and Yoon Jin Hee (right) | Doyouram/YouTube

He has great sense in that regard.

— Stella

Stella went on to say that Jimin knows just how to “make the audience go crazy” when he’s looking at the camera or controlling his breathing during a performance—something every ARMY can agree with.

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While fans have long-known Jimin is incredibly talented, it definitely means a lot to hear it from staff with so much experience in the K-Pop industry.

Source: Doyouram