BTS’s Jimin Accidentally Starts A Viral Dance Trend On TikTok

We’re dying to see his reaction.

A viral moment from BTS‘s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL concert is now a viral dance trend on TikTok!


During one of BTS’s three sold-out shows, Jimin and J-Hope treated fans to a hilarious, freestyle performance.

As they danced to BTS’s song “Airplane Pt. 2,” Jimin turned up the heat with this sexy body wave. He slapped the air to the beat of the song…

…then immediately regretted it? Jimin’s dance and his adorable reaction to it quickly went viral on Twitter, racking up over 1M views in 24 hours.

Now the video has 2.6M views and counting!

Over the past week, Jimin’s dance has popped up all over the internet, including the dance capital of the social media world, TikTok. TikTokers are performing dance covers of Jimin’s smooth moves to different songs.

Which songs, you ask? The most popular choice is “Thinking With My D**k” by Kevin Gates featuring Juicy J. A user named yongles <3 paired a soundbite from the song with Jimin’s dance and, well, the trend took off!


repost bc tiktok deleted the sound 😑 #jimin #fyp #hobi

♬ original sound – yongles <3

TikToker ten_yujin‘s dance cover, one of the most popular so far, has been viewed 3.8M times.


make edit please 🙏

♬ original sound – yongles <3

This double-trouble cover by kagiristwins has racked up over 96,000 views…


Jimin made this trend?😍 Inst:kagiristwins

♬ original sound – yongles <3

…and there’s plenty more where those came from, including this animated version!


🔥🔥 #aldijk #jimin

♬ original sound – yongles <3

Long story short, the only thing hotter than this dance trend is Jimin. (Has he seen it yet?)


IT DOESNT GET OUT OF MY HEAD #btsfypシ #parkjimin #jimin #ptdonstage #ptdonstageconcert #ptdonstageseoul #bangtan #kpopfypシ

♬ original sound – yongles <3