Netizens Find An Unreleased Video Of Pre-Debut BTS’s Jimin Dancing, An It Showcases That He Has Always Been A True Artist

Jimin has always had the talent!

When it comes to dancers in K-Pop, one male idol who is always on the top of fan-favorite lists is BTS‘s Jimin! Since debuting, Jimin has wowed fans with his diverse dance skills that come from years of practice and training in several different styles.

Over the years, ARMYs have watched Jimin dance his heart out to songs and put his own interpretation on tracks, and add extra meaning to the lyrics and music.

Yet, it seems as if Jimin had had this talent since before he even debuted. A TikTok has recently caught the attention of ARMYs after sharing a video of Jimin dancing which has apparently never been seen before.

The user @keljoven revealed that they have a friend from Korea who is a popper (dancer) and, after looking through his phone, realized that this old video was of BTS’s Jimin, and even though he didn’t want his name to be shared, wanted them to upload the video.

In the video, there is no denying that it is Jimin with his youthful visuals and insane talent, even back then when he seemed to be very young. The user explained that their friend said that Jimin used to be very shy when he was dancing, but he would get involved in the battles because of his love of dancing.

Throughout the clip, Jimin showcased his talent and skills, and it was clear that the fellow dancers also appreciated his skills. The friend then added that they would hang out and eat after the battles and even voiced his desire to be an idol back then.

When the video was first shared, viewers in the comments couldn’t get over just how good Jimin was even back then. For them, it showcases just how much natural talent he has always had.

Although this clip might be new, it isn’t the first time that fans have learned about Jimin’s past as a dancer. It is well-known that Jimin has always shone as a dancer and that he would participate in dance and street battles.

It was even shared that he became known as “The Rising Star” of Busan because of his talent and willingness to perform. He even had fans before becoming a trainee.

| JUST DANCE ACADEMY [댄스학원]/ YouTube
Fast forward to 2021, and Jimin is still capturing the hearts of fans worldwide for his beautiful dancing. From pop, hip hop, and lyrical, he continues to showcase his skills in every performance. It is no surprise that actors and choreographers can’t help but share their appreciation.

| Mnet/ YouTube
| Mnet/ YouTube 

From before he debuted to now, Jimin will always be seen as one of the most creative and unique dancers in K-Pop. The new clip only proves that he has always had the talent, and it has just grown with experience. You can watch the whole clip below.


RARE FOOTAGE of #JIMIN battling pre-debut! @bts_official_bighit (Got permission from my friend to share! ✌🏻💜 It’s such a small world!) #fyp #bts #jimin #armybts

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