BTS’s Jimin Was Missing From The 2021 AMAs Throwback Group Picture, But V Made Sure He Wasn’t Forgotten

It’s also the first Vmin selfie in over 600 days!

Since it was announced that BTS‘s Jimin had just had successful surgery for acute appendicitis but had contracted COVID-19, it seems as if ARMYs can’t share their love enough for the member. If it wasn’t enough that ARMYs are ensuring to send their positive vibes, the members are also ensuring that Jimin is feeling the love.

In particular, BTS’s V recently caught the attention of fans after posting a selfie of him and Jimin, which had ARMYs soft AF.

BTS’s Jimin (left) and V (right) | BigHit Entertainment

On February 1 (KST), BTS took a trip down memory lane with the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs). The group posted some behind-the-scenes footage from the event on their YouTube channel.


Yet, it seems like that wasn’t enough, and BTS’s V wanted to take ARMYs on a trip to the past after posting a photo on Weverse of the members from the event. If that wasn’t cute enough, the caption read, “My family that I love…

The members of BTS | Weverse
| Weverse

Of course, one of the first things ARMYs noticed was that Jimin wasn’t actually in the picture. Luckily, V already thought ahead, and instead of just leaving it, he then posted another selfie but this time of just him and Jimin looking absolutely adorable during the ceremony.

| Weverse

Fans then started sharing the moment they thought this selfie was taken, and it’s great that it has finally been shared with the world.

| @gloss420/ Twitter 

When the image was posted, fans couldn’t hide their excitement at seeing the selfie and how considerate V was to ensure that Jimin wasn’t left out of the post. In particular, phrases like “Vmin” and “VMin Selfie” started trending in various countries.

It wasn’t just ARMYs obsessed with the images. Although J-Hope is known as the “King of Instagram” after ensuring he comments and likes all his members’ posts, it seems that the same is with Weverse. He replied, “Vro (we/I) love you,” by using a play on words with the word “Bro” and V’s name.

| Weverse

Although fans were so happy that V did this, many didn’t expect anything less considering the members’ thoughtful. Earlier in the month, J-Hope was also praised after apologizing to V and Suga on his Instagram after they weren’t included in his Instagram photos.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/ Instagram

It isn’t surprising that BTS continues to prove how thoughtful they are. Especially considering how concerned ARMYs are for Jimin and his health, it was nice for many to see the members sharing their love for him as well.

You can read more about the members being praised for their consideration below.

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Source: Weverse