BTS Jimin and V Seen Helping SEVENTEEN Joshua at 2018 MBC Gayo Daejejeon

95 liners helping each other out!

BTS members Jimin and V‘s kind act did not go unnoticed by the sharp-eyed fans.

At 2018 MBC Gayo Daejejeon, MC Yoona, Noh Hongchul, Minho, and Cha Eunwoo asked the attending artists about their recent activities and new year’s resolutions. To celebrate 2019, the year of the pig, MCs interviewed idols who were born in the year of the pig.

BTS Jimin and V were among the idols born in 1995 called to the front of the stage for this interview.

However, none of the SEVENTEEN members were named, despite there being three members born in 1995: S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Joshua.

But before any fans could become disappointed…

Jimin and V caught Yoona’s attention and whispered something to her.

Fans suspect that Jimin and V were telling Yoona that SEVENTEEN’s Joshua was also born in 1995.

The MCs were about to wrap up the interviews, when Yoona skilfully intervened, commenting on how there were many idols who were born in the year of the pig and that they should talk to one more person.

Joshua, who was standing towards the back with fellow SEVENTEEN members was surprised when his name got called out and hurried to the front of the stage for an interview.

Fans were definitely happy to see and hear Joshua, as pointed out by MC Noh Hongchul.

Even SEVENTEEN members looked proud of Joshua as he got interviewed!

The camera also caught V and Joshua exchanging a quick greeting as Joshua moved to the front of the stage. How cute!

It’s nice to see idol groups being great friends and helping each other out!

Source: Insight