BTS’s Jimin And V Receive “President’s Award” From Global Cyber University 

They are at the top of their 2020 class.

Global Cyber University is honoring two world-famous graduates with a prestigious award!

V and Jimin

In August 2020, Jimin and V graduated from the university as Broadcasting and Entertainment majors before enrolling in an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program at Hanyang Cyber University in September.

At the Class of 2020’s virtual graduation ceremony, Global Cyber University awarded Jimin and V the “President’s Award” for being influential, global role models.

V and Jimin | Global Cyber University

As a model citizen who takes the lead in demonstrating the foundation of our school’s founding philosophy of cultivating global talent, [the receiptiant] demonstrates a positive influence and communication that extends beyond K-Pop, delivering the value of symbiosis required by the global era. Therefore, we are bestowing this award in the hopes the recipients will make even greater contributions to the world and society.

— Global Cyber University

Now, fans around the world are celebrating their beloved graduates with messages of praise and and love. Congratulations, Jimin and V!

Source: Global Cyber University