BTS’s Jimin Finally Kept A Promise He Made To V Months Ago

The sweetest brotherhood you’ve ever seen!

Nearly 3 months ago, BTS‘s Jimin wrote a celebratory message on the wall at M Countdown.

“Last broadcast on M Countdown!

Thank you for gifting us with huge presents until the very end.

Look forward to the rest of our promotions.

I went to visit Tan and he kept chewing on my straw.. #JIMIN #OurARMYWonAnAward”

— Jimin


He wrote out “BTS” in large letter and surrounded them with the names of the members…


… but he didn’t have enough time to write out V‘s name!

“I couldn’t write Taehyung’s name… ㅜㅜㅜ” — Jimin


Feeling so guilty about leaving out V’s name, Jimin tweeted consecutive posts about his overwhelming love for V. He even promised V that he will write his name in large letters next time!

“I love you❤❤Taehyung” — Jimin

“hehehehe I’ll write your name this big next time ❤❤❤☺😍#JIMIN” — Jimin


Three months since his promise, BTS performed (and won) again on M Countdown with their latest hit, “IDOL”. And Jimin had a special surprise for V!

“I sincerely thank all of the ARMY who came out to support us. I’m able to perform at my best thanks to you. Let’s enjoy the rest of our promotions together. ㅎㅎ #JIMIN #ILoveYouTaehyung”

— Jimin


In between his special tweet out to fans, Jimin included proof that he kept his promise to V. He went back to the same message on the wall to include V’s name – not once, but twice – in large letters!


Isn’t that the sweetest brotherhood you’ve ever seen?! I ship the Vmin!