“Getting Cancelled Side-By-Side” — BTS’s Jimin And V Gain Attention For Sending “Anti-Fan Hate Comments” Towards The Group

“If they were on Twitter, they’d be ratioed!” 😂

BTS love their fandom ARMYs so much, and it is only rivaled by their fans’ love for the members. For many, they will do anything to protect the group from anyone sharing negative comments about the members.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Recently, BTS’s Jimin and V gained attention after both idols found the funniest ways to imitate “antis” behavior which would get them hate comments online!

BTS’s V (left) and Jimin (right)

On March 26, Jimin appeared in a video for Pixid where he went undercover amongst ARMYs. During the video, Jimin explained that his username came from his love of fellow HYBE artists TXT and that his bias was Beomgyu.

Yet, while the other fans were fine with this, Jimin then dug himself into a huge hole as he explained the meaning behind his new bias. Jimin explained that his ult bias used to be BTS’s oldest member Jin, but he put it on hold after the idol enlisted in the army.

Of course, this was the wrong thing to say, and the reactions from the ARMYs in the video showed it off perfectly. One of the women in the video looked ready to fight Jimin for his comment.

One fan was even worried for the fan, adding that she wasn’t sure if they could post something like that. It was the reactions from the ARMYs that were so passionate that Jimin realized he had messed up by commenting something negative.

Yet, if Jimin had the perfect way to “aggravate” ARMYs with his comments, it seems like BTS loves finding ways of going undercover and seeing the best ways to replicate “Antis” behavior.

Back in 2019, BTS held their annual “FESTA” event. At one point, V pointed out that he was playing a mobile game during the group’s photoshoot and that someone asked if anyone was a BTS fan.

Unsurprisingly, V wanted to interact and explained that he replied, “Me, me!”

He even started chatting with the user, who was a fan of Suga! Yet, when the ARMY replied, V decided to throw a curveball as he explained, “I said I hate V and asked what she thinks of that.”

While the person interacting with Jimin looked like she was ready to throw hands at the comment, the ARMY V interacted with seemingly wanted to educate the negative thoughts with her own positivity. Instead of cursing out V, they calmly replied, “They’re all precious to me.”

After the clips from both videos started gaining attention, ARMYs couldn’t get over the two ’95 liners and their attempts to gain reactions from fans. One even hilariously joked that if they were on social media, the members would get ratioed so hard for their comments, meaning it would be filled with comments rather than likes.

Of course, BTS love ARMYs and the other members of the group, but they won’t miss out on an opportunity to tease their fans and see just how much love they receive.

Source: Pixid and BANGTANTV