BTS’s Jimin Updates ARMYs On V’s Condition After Their 2 Hour Video Call

It was reassuring to ARMYs!

When BTS’s V was diagnosed with COVID-19, everyone was extremely concerned with his well-being.

Luckily, he recently updated fans with how he was doing. Despite mild symptoms, V seems to be doing okay. The fellow BTS members have also been sharing how he’s been doing.


RMSuga, and Jimin recently surprised fans with a live broadcast. During the stream, fans were treated to some hilarious moments, including confirming that the members are buff AF, sharing what they’ve been doing in their past time, and more.


In particular, fans were excited to see Jimin, who was appearing for the first time after recovering from COVID. Luckily, Jimin updated fans with his condition, sharing that he was feeling okay and even started working out two days after he’d recovered.


During the broadcast, Jimin also updated fans with how member V is doing as he explained, “Yesterday, I was on a video call with Taehyung for about two hours.


This wasn’t surprising to ARMYS as when Jimin was unwell, V explained that he spoke to Jimin to ensure that he was okay. As expected, RM mirrored ARMYs’ thoughts and asked how he was doing.

Ah really? He must feel bored (in quarantine)… is he doing well?

— RM

Luckily. Jimin reassured fans when he explained, “He’s doing well, he’s doing well.


Of course, like anyone who has to stay at home by themselves, RM wanted to know what V was doing. Jimin had the perfect answer that seemed #hilarious when he replied and even shared what they did during their video call, cementing that V was doing okay.

He’s just there? We did chin-ups while doing the video call.

— Jimin


Considering that the members literally shared with members that they’re all buff and have been working out recently, it isn’t surprising.

Suga found the question from RM hilarious and asked, “But what’s he supposed to do?” It seems like RM thought he might have been doing other things.

No, like, I don’t know if he’s working on music or something.

— RM


When Jimin shared this, fans weren’t too surprised that they were working out together as V shared an image earlier in the month, and eagle-eyed fans noticed working out equipment in the background.

| @thv/ Instagram

It was definitely reassuring for fans to hear how V is, and it was even cuter to hear how long Jimin spoke to his member. ARMYs couldn’t stop gushing about their friendship.

Yet, it isn’t the first time the members have shared with fans the condition of V. During his birthday broadcast, J-Hope shared with fans his condition and it was definitely nice to hear that they were all feeling healthy.


You can read more about the members updating ARMYs on V’s condition below.

BTS’s J-Hope Updates ARMYs About V’s Condition In His Birthday Live Broadcast

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