BTS’s Jimin Gives V A New Nickname After Being In Awe Of His Visuals In The “Photo-Folio”

“You’re seriously good-looking though…”

BTS‘s V has earned many nicknames since he debuted, including TaeTae, Secret Weapon, CELINE Boy, and many others. Along with his unreal talent, outstanding visuals, and charm, they all seem perfect for the star.


While ARMYs are known for their nicknames, after knowing V for so long, it’s not surprising to know that the members are probably the best people to create new names for the idol.

Recently, Jimin had ARMYs excited AF after creating the perfect new nickname for the idol.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

Recently, BTS released another part of their reactions to each other’s photo-folios. Unsurprisingly, it was pure chaos as they proved to be each other’s biggest fans as they couldn’t stop fangirling over each other.

When it came to the turn of V, it wasn’t surprising that the members couldn’t hide their reactions when they saw V’s photos appear on the screen. It was like a throwback to the 1920s!

V’s unreal visuals and the backdrop meant that the members couldn’t hide their shock when it was revealed the whole thing was filmed in Korea. Jin then explained that the person and aura that V portrayed made them feel like they were watching someone abroad.

Of course, fellow ’95 liner Jimin wasn’t afraid to share just how handsome he thought V looked, adding, “You’re seriously good-looking though,” amongst others compliments.

Of course, it wasn’t surprising that the members wanted to touch upon how natural V looked riding on a horse, reminding everyone that the idol had training that helped it look so effortless.

After watching the videos and seeing V’s visuals shine, Jimin suddenly announced that the scenes had inspired the idol to create a new nickname for V.

After raising the members’ curiosity, Jimin revealed that he went for “Vergana Armushu” because it had vibes that suited the concept of the photos.

Unsurprisingly, the other members wholeheartedly agreed with the nickname and loved how the aura truly reflected the image that V was portraying in the photos.

Whether the name sticks or not, Jimin definitely captured the aura of V with “Vergana Armusha.” In the photo-folio, V exuded vintage vibes and looked like someone from a Hollywood movie set in Europe, and maybe, it might lead to “Actor V” making a comeback.




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