BTS Jimin And V’s “Vmin” Soft Hours Are Now Open

This friendship is punching fans in the feels. Again.

If you thought the friendship between BTS‘s Jimin and couldn’t get any cuter, here’s a news flash.

It does. All. The. Time!

At around 4:00 AM on July 14 (KST), Jimin logged into the Weverse app to wish fans a peaceful sleep on a stormy night. Soon after, V popped in to say goodnight to Jimin.

This sweet exchange is just too much for some fans who are declaring the “Vmin” soft hours open! Shortly after V wrote “good night”, “vmin” shot up to the Top 10 worldwide trending topics on Twitter as ARMYs flooded the site with their fangirl/fanboy love. Check it out!

1. Vmin: A Tale Of Soulmates And Third Wheels

2. Nobody tell them

3. What time is it?

4. How to feel single in 5 seconds or less:

5. Pure devastation

6. If Jimin and V were cartoon characters:

7. The only acceptable friendship

8. Is this a coincidence or…?

9. The reality

10. There are two kinds of friendships

11. Send help and tissues, please