BTS’s Jimin Is The New “Victim” Of His Member’s Teasing, And He Couldn’t Escape

They turned his words on him!

The members of BTS have been close friends for the better part of a decade. Because of this, they’re not shy about interrupting each other mid-sentence or playing jokes.

This is exactly what happened to Jimin in episode 124 of Run BTS!

| Run BTS!/Weverse

It all started when the vocalist went on stage to share his ideas for the succeeding Run BTS! episodes. Jimin tried to quiet everyone around him but ended up forgetting his vocabulary in the process.

Instead of saying “silence”, he said a near-but-not-quite substitute: “be solemn”.

Be quiet. Be solemn. Solemn!

— Jimin

The other members immediately latched on to his mistake, questioning his conversation skills.

RM: Be solemn? What does that mean?

Jin: Aren’t you supposed to say “silence”?

Even Suga exclaimed that his way of thinking was not “normal”, but Jimin stood his ground.

Solemn. Please be solemn!

— Jimin

The same thing happened but in reverse when Jimin couldn’t get through ten seconds without being interrupted by his members. As soon as he shouted “Silence!”…

| Run BTS!/Weverse

…the others teased him using his own words: “Isn’t it ‘be solemn?'”

It’s like Jimin can never get a break!

Source: VLIVE