BTS’s Jimin Opens Up About Feeling “Really Unstable” And “Empty” In The Past

Here’s what gave him strength.

BTS usually shows fans their energetic and lively selves, but that doesn’t mean they always feel that way.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, BTS’s Jimin was asked what the days feel like now that they sit at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Rather than talk about the perks that come with their fame, Jimin gave an honest answer and opened up about feeling “really unstable” in the past. He used to hide his true feelings when he was around others.

I only realized it recently, but I used to be really unstable. I was acting like I was well-grounded when I was around other people, like my family and friends. It meant I had to pretend a lot.

— Jimin

Thinking that he can always take care of himself, he focused his worries on other people.

I worried about others by saying things like, ‘I’m fine, but how are you?‘ I spoke like I could always take care of anything that came up, but looking back, that wasn’t the case.

— Jimin

He described feeling empty at times because he denied his own thoughts and beliefs. It was only after he opened up to his parents that he received advice.

I felt like I was becoming empty sometimes, at first. I felt like I was denying my own thoughts and beliefs. But I talked a lot with my parents, and I said, ‘Did you know I was going through all that?‘ And they said, ‘We didn’t know what you were going through, but we knew it was something.‘ So finally I shared what I was feeling with them, and my mom and dad talked to me like they were my life coaches.

— Jimin

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Now, his mindset has changed and he can focus on himself more.

After coming out of that whole period, even when I do similar things, I can tell my mind has changed a lot. If I was more focused on my surroundings before, now I’m able to focus on myself as well.

— Jimin

When his mom told him that it’s a sign he’s becoming an adult, he laughed and joked that he’d rather not become one.

My mom told me it means I’m growing up, and that I’m finally becoming an adult. So I said, I don’t wanna be an adult—it’s too hard. (laughs)

— Jimin

Source: Weverse Magazine