BTS’s Jimin Gives Wise Words Of Advice For Whether Or Not To Eat Late At Night

Facts only.

Recently, BTS’s Jimin held a surprise live stream titled “I’m here”, and updated fans on things that were on his mind.

He talked about a variety of things including why he cried during the MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E virtual concert, how he worries about how the pandemic is affecting children, why he’s using satoori, and more.

During the live stream, he brought up some wise words that will go down in Jimin’s history of wise quotes.

Late night snacks are not something you hold back. You must accept it.

— Jimin

He admits that he can’t hold back after midnight. “I don’t know why but around 8 or 9 PM I debate whether or not to eat something but when it passes midnight I cannot hold it any longer.”

Well you heard it from Jimin first folks! Don’t hold back your late night cravings and just go for it!