BTS’s Jimin Worries About How The Pandemic Is Affecting Children

He is encouraging adults to show compassion for younger, struggling people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but BTS‘s Jimin is especially concerned about how the “new normal” is affecting young people.

Today, Jimin surprised fans with a new live broadcast called “I’m here”, where he talked about the pandemic, the MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E virtual concert, and more.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Earlier this year, BTS was forced to postpone their MAP OF THE SOUL world tour to keep fans, and themselves, safe from COVID-19. They have also had to do all their performances and promotions virtually.

This separation from ARMY has taken a toll on BTS, but as always, this compassionate king seems more concerned about other people’s hardships than his own.

Jimin said that after thinking a lot about the pandemic situation, he became worried for younger people. Many are having a difficult time understanding why all this is happening to them.

His heart goes out to the children who are struggling to adapt to the restrictions that keep them from seeing their friends and participating in other activities they enjoy.

In times of trial, everyone needs to love and understand each other more than ever. As such, Jimin hopes that adults will show kindness to younger people by comforting them and supporting them each step of the way.

Together, we’ll get through this!