BTS’s Jin Accidentally Stole Suga’s Credit Card…For 3 Whole Days

Suga shared a story about Jin “borrowing” his wallet in the name of fashion.

Suga‘s credit card went on a short vacation, but it wasn’t traveling alone.

It was safe and sound with Jin!

In the behind the scenes for Episode 8 of In the SOOP, BTS talked about wearing (or rather, not wearing) each other’s clothes. Jin revealed that he made a small change to his jacket to prevent RM from wearing it.

RM isn’t the only one who raids his members’ closets though. Suga brought up a time when Jin borrowed his parka…and everything in it.

Jin unabashedly reminded Suga that he’d returned the parka and wallet once he was done with them…

…three days later. At the time, Suga was just about to lock his card when BTS’s manager told him who had it.

Jin playfully insisted that he had just wanted to shake things up. Then, in true leJindary fashion, he changed the subject by commenting on how cold the weather was.

The moral of this story? Keep your friends close and your wallet closer!


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