ARMYs Aren’t Convinced By Coway’s Explanation Behind BTS’s Jin Being Omitted From Their Recent Advertisement

It’s even more sus to netz as Coway is owned by Bang Si Hyuk’s cousin!

BTS‘s Jin is currently serving his mandatory military enlistment. Although the idol is limited to the activities he can do, ARMYs have shared anger after he was omitted from an advertisement released by a brand the members are ambassadors for.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Back in 2021, the members of BTS were named ambassadors for the global brand COWAY. In particular, the idols always gained attention for their adorable and hilarious advertisements for the projects.

The members of BTS for COWAY | COWAY

A recent advert from Coway has gained negative attention from fans after they noticed that Jin was omitted from the commercial.

While many initially thought it was due to Jin’s military commitments, one fan dispelled those rumors.

Not only did they share that another advert from the brand with all seven members was shared in February 2023, but the new advert without Jin uses the same set (and was seemingly filmed) at the same time as one released in August 2022 with all of the members.

Of course, once netizens noticed what happened, many sent messages and inquiries to the brand. While most didn’t get a reply, one Korean fan shared the response she received, and it was all about discussions for the advertisement.

Hello. I am the person responsible at Coway. I would like to thank the many customers who visited Coway. As for your questions as to why BTS member Jin was not shown on the commercial, during the preliminary stage when first discussing the contents of the commercial, Jin was currently serving in the military and therefore according to law, it was difficult for him to take part. Coway will be waiting for BTS’s Jin to return healthy after finishing his military obligations. For further questions, please refer to our 1:1 consulting or contact us at our customer service center (1588-5200). We will work harder to greet you with better service.

— The response from Coway

When the post was shared, ARMYs shared their anger at the lack of planning from Coway.

When referring to “contract” it means the discussion behind the advertisement and a fan shared that fellow brand Lotte Xylitol shared that made sure to discuss new projects that had been filmed with the members before Jin enlisted.

One netizen even pointed out how odd the whole situation was after adding that the person who bought COWAY was Bang Joon Hyuk. It raised more concerns because he also bought shares in Big Hit Entertainment in 2018… and is HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk‘s cousin.

While it wouldn’t have been surprising if Coway omitted Jin due to his military status, the fact that it was all because they didn’t discuss contract renewals before he left disappointed fans. In particular, the alleged link to HYBE would’ve meant they knew some information about Jin’s enlistment and would’ve put things in place to ensure he was shown.


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