BTS’s Jin Has Been Appearing At Multiple Weddings Worldwide… In The Form Of A Cardboard Cutout

Would you want cardboard Jin at your wedding?

While it’s pretty much impossible to get the real BTS‘s Jin to come to your wedding, some fans of the idol have gotten creative in order to include him in their ceremonies!

BTS’s Jin

The “Worldwide Handsome” idol has been appearing at weddings worldwide… In the form of a cardboard cutout.

From being a guest to appearing as… The groom, maybe?… Jin seems to be a necessary part of a lot of ARMYs weddings!

One fan didn’t have a life-sized standee, but instead made him a hilarious part of her wedding cake as her husband drags her away from Jin 😂

The gorgeous K-Pop idol definitely suits any beautiful wedding, even just as a cardboard figure!

It looks like he was even included in a dance routine during this ceremony 😂

Would you want a fake — but still incredibly handsome — Jin at your wedding?