ARMYs Raise Concerns After Seeing Huge Crowds Mobbing BTS’s Jin At Incheon Airport After Returning From Argentina

“It seems so disrespectful with everything going on…”

When it comes to idols returning from international schedules, the airport is always full of fans waiting to greet them. It was no different when BTS‘s Jin returned from an exciting performance in Argentina.

Yet, Jin’s return from Argentina has been met with mixed reviews after the behavior of the crowds at Incheon Airport.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

On October 28 (local time), Jin performed his solo track “The Astronaut” for the first time in Argentina with Coldplay. As expected, it stole the hearts of fans.

Jin performing with Coldplay in Argentina | BANGTANTV/YouTube
| BANGTANTV/YouTube   

On October 31, Jin returned from his amazing performance in Argentina. As expected, the media captured many images of Jin as he made his way through the airport.

Behind the media images, ARMYs raised anger and concerns for the chaos and crowds that Jin was met with on his return. As expected, what seemed like hundreds of ARMYs and media were waiting at Incheon Airport to welcome Jin back from Argentina.

At first, the crowds seemed calm as the space and barriers allowed Jin to enter the main airport calmly and greet those waiting for him. Even though he seemed tired, Jin made sure to wave at everyone he passed.

Yet, once Jin moved closer to the exit and the barriers were gone, the crowds started to descend upon the idol as they got closer. Even with a much larger security team blocking Jin, the shouts from the staff could be heard telling fans to move away as they got closer to Jin.

Along with crowds, bright flashes from the camera seemed to get closer as the media tried to push their cameras closer to the idol for a better shot.

Even as he got out of the airport, there seemed to be huge crowds following Jin to the car. Although it isn’t uncommon, many thought that Jin’s tired expression would mean they would relax and allow the idol to have a calmer experience rather than the chaos he experienced.

When the video was released, multiple social media platforms were shared with comments about the crowding. While some shared it was nice that Jin was greeted by fans, they also shared how uncomfortable they felt watching his arrival.

Many also pointed out that in Argentina, the idol had gone through a private exit for the safety of ARMYs. Yet, in Korea, he only had a few managers and security to protect him, especially when he seemed tired from the long flight and schedules.

With the past events in Korea regarding crowds, many ARMYs thought it was disrespectful and inappropriate for such huge crowds to be at Incheon Airport. Along with Jin’s busy schedule, many believe the last thing he would’ve wanted was so much chaos and crowding on his return.

Source: Newsen and TV10


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