BTS’s Jin To Become A Judge For Game Company MapleStory’s First Character Design Awards

He will use his experience to choose a winner.

Game company MapleStory has opened their first character design awards, Golden Hand Awards. This competition is open to any game users that have a MapleStory character that is above level 101. 

| 1st Golden Hand Awards/MapleStory official site

The judges will be taking a look at different categories including hair, plastic surgery, costume, set, pet and choose 50 users to advance to the final round. The winner will be chosen through the decision of the judges.

For the judges, they will include Oh Yoon Suk (MapleStory Art Manager), Shin Hye Young (MapleStory Art Part Manager), Kang Yo Soon (MapleStory Art Part Manager), designer Go Tae Yong, pixel artist Joo Jae Beom, and MapleStory warrior Kim Seokjin.

BTS fans were excited to see member Jin be a part of the judges as he is known to be an avid player of MapleStory.

| MapleStory warrior Kim Seokjin/MapleStory official site

His specifications include: 18 years experience of MapleStory, released Black Swan set, worldwide handsome. He also stated, “Since I’m handsome, I’ll select cute and pretty artwork like my face.”

They will be taking submissions from July 8-July 21 and will announce the winner on September 1. Any MapleStory users and artists, this is your chance for your artwork to shine!

Source: maplestory and Image


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