BTS’s Jin Couldn’t Catch A Break When He Kept Losing One Game Over And Over Again

He even held RM back!

BTS had a tough time in the latest episode of Run BTS! They played a game called “777 Lucky Seven” where they had to successfully complete 14 activities. As the title suggested, the only real requirement was luck.

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Most of the members didn’t have the easiest time throughout the episode. Suga and J-Hope clashed and fought when they tried to claim a game…

…and V couldn’t pinpoint the tip of his stick on the moving box.

Besides them, eldest member Jin also struggled greatly.

For him, his number one nemesis was the ping pong game. Even after changing the rules and placing all the pucks together, the table tennis ball never bounced inside the cup.

He immediately cried out in frustration, “Did anyone actually do this?” after losing the first few tries. The staff explained to him that many of the members were able to complete it easily.

The others finished multiple games while he was stuck on the ping pong one.

He’s going to take a while.

— RM

At one point, he was so tired that he had to sit down on the table. When RM checked up on him again and asked if he was done, Jin could only reply, “I can never do it”.

There were a few casualties along the way, such as Jin’s sanity and the camera on the desk.

RM returned a third time towards the end of the episode. Despite the game being the last one he needed to finish, he was more amused than annoyed.

I don’t think you’ll go home today. Why don’t you do it on the floor? You’re shaking it.

— RM

Jin decided to let RM take his turn after feeling bad for keeping him waiting. As thanks, the leader gave him tips on how to accomplish the game.

Do as I did, Jin. I set everything on the table. Jin, the angle is important when you bounce the ball.

— RM

After failing over and over again, Jin finally got the ball to land inside the paper cup! His overjoyed expression said it all.

Jin proved that perseverance and asking for help are all you need to succeed! Check out the full video for yourself below.

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