BTS’s Jin Brought Skills And Sass To The Set Of “Dynamite”

Here’s what went on behind the scenes.

With this born comedian there’s never a dull moment!

BTS‘s “Dynamite” music videos took a total of four days to film, but this work seemed more like play, thanks to the members’ positive attitudes and a great sense of humor.

As always, Jin brought a charming combination of skill and sass to the set. The members had a college student concept in mind for the video, but Jin had some opinions about his “student” fashion.

He also jokingly (and loudly) complained when Jungkook messed up a scene…

…and called RM out for not matching his moves!

As an added bonus, Jin took on the role of interviewer to ask J-Hope his thoughts about the shoot. “It’s really hot right now,” J-Hope said. “I want to tear off all my clothes.” Well then!

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