BTS’s Jin Got A Bump On His Forehead After A Run-In With A Window, And ARMYs Are Ready To Fight Windows On His Behalf

That window should have thought twice before messing with Jin.

BTS‘s Jin has unfortunately gotten a small injury due to a run-in with a glass window, and ARMYs are prepared to avenge him!

In a new post on Weverse, Jin revealed that he had hit his head against a window, resulting in a swollen bump on his forehead.

I have a bump on my forehead because I hit my head on the glass window.

— Jin

BTS’s Jin | Jin/Weverse

Which, by the way, the auto-translation hits different. Why does Weverse think the glass was sticky? Anyway, anyone want some rice?

| Jin/Weverse

He requested ARMYs “say ho~~,” meaning to blow on the bump to help heal it heal. Of course, the replies were filled with ARMYs doing just that.

| Jin/Weverse

However, ARMYs on Twitter wished not only quick healing for Jin but were also ready to avenge him.

| @m_turuaphrodite/Twitter
| @triviabyjoonie/Twitter

ARMY will make sure no window ever hurts you again, Jin!

| @eternalsbtxt/Twitter

Just point us in the right direction to where this window is located…

| @BTS_7twtt/Twitter


| @Ammuammuz6/Twitter

That window better watch its back… It really should have thought who it was messing with first. You hurt Jin, and you better be prepared to deal with ARMY!

| @helphelphelp555/Twitter
| @sugatradamus/Twitter

We wish Jin a speedy recovery!

| Jin/Weverse
Source: Image, Weverse and @haruharu_w_bts