BTS’s Promo King Jin Told ARMY Where To Buy Jungkook’s Boots…Sort Of

Who needs a marketing team when they have Jin?

Once again, BTS has turned the airport into a catwalk!


On December 13, BTS arrived at Gimpo International Airport to fly to a fan meeting in Japan. All the members looked incredible, but Jungkook‘s ninja aesthetic, complete with combat boots, drew special attention from fans — and Jin.


When a fan asked where they could purchase Jungkook’s badass boots, and Jin answered their question. Kind of.


“They’re being sold at Lemona,” Jin cheekily replied.


Lemona? You mean the vitamin brand that BTS now represents? Yes, that Lemona. Does Lemona sell shoes? Absolutely not, but why not buy a Lemona vitamin drink anyway? Jin’s logic is sound!


Check out more photos of Jungkook and his “Lemona boots” here:

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