BTS’s Jin Calls Out The Criticism He’s Received For Not Posting On Social Media For Jimin’s Birthday

Many assume his entire life is for their consumption.

Although K-Pop idols are expected to act a “certain way,” social media platforms have allowed them to be more vocal about their opinions when issues arise. One idol who has never been afraid to share his thoughts on issues is BTS‘s Jin.

Recently, Jin gained attention for an honest post about the criticism he was receiving.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

October 13 is a special day for BTS and ARMYs because it is Jimin‘s birthday.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

As expected, the members shared their own well-wishes for Jimin on social media, and each post showcased their true personalities.

On October 13, Jin posted a picture of him and Jimin with the caption wishing his member a happy birthday. Of course, being Jin, it was a truly iconic picture, with many ARMYs joking that it’s truly meme-worthy.

BTS Jin’s birthday photo for Jimin | Weverse

Although the picture was adorable and netizens loved Jin’s photo to celebrate Jimin’s birthday, it was the post he shared on Weverse that gained the attention of fans.

BTS is currently preparing for their Busan concert and has been extremely busy, so many ARMYs weren’t surprised by the late messages.

Yet, it seems as if Jin might have been getting rude messages. He went to Weverse to share the reason he uploaded the photo.

Unsurprisingly, Jin revealed he had wished Jimin a happy birthday personally but added that he felt obliged to post it because of what people might think.

I’m uploading this even though I congratulated him separately, because people might think we aren’t close if I don’t congratulate him where everyone can see it. We are close, very close.

— Jin

| Weverse

Jin then further explained that fans shouldn’t assume that only social media posts can prove how close members are. In the next post, he shared that he and the members are all extremely close, even if they might not upload messages.

From now on, just know that we are close, even if no one uploads it.

— Jin

| Weverse

When the post was shared, ARMYs shared their thoughts, praising Jin for being honest and pointing out that social media shouldn’t measure someone’s friendship.

BTS have been friends for over a decade, before the age of social media. Although it’s nice when the members share personal photos of each other, it shouldn’t measure the friendship between BTS.

Source: Weverse


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