BTS’s Jin Reveals The Exact Moment He Decided To Hide His “Dark Side” From Fans 

At times, “Jin of BTS” and “Kim Seokjin” are two different people.

BTS‘s Jin is a dazzling star who loves making fans smile. He is also Kim Seokjin, an ordinary man in his twenties, who prefers to keep his “dark side” in the shadows.

In Break The Silence: The Movie, Jin revealed why he chooses to present himself the way he does.

“As Jin, I don’t really want to show people that side of me,” he said. “since I’m a person who likes games and movies. So I try my best not to show my darker side. I try hard to act more cheerful or show only my bright side.”

“So I tend to separate Jin and Kim Seokjin.” 

He is aware of how emotionally in tune ARMYs are with BTS; they feel the members’ joy and pain as their own.

Sometimes I go on the internet and look at fans’ reactions. When something makes me happy, the fans are all happy for me, and when something sad or distressing happens to me, they all sympathize with me, feel sad for me, and even feel down.

— Jin

In the past, RM shared a piece of insight that made a lasting impression on Jin and shaped the “persona” we know today.

Namjoon once said that fans love us because they want to feel happy, but if they see us feeling down they feel sad along with us. After hearing that, I realized I shouldn’t show myself looking down or my darker side. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do.

— Jin

“Fans get positive energy from seeing us,” he went on. “‘This is who they are, and seeing them makes me happy.’ If that’s what they feel, that makes me happy too. That’s what I love about it.”

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