BTS’s Jin Gave An Eloquent Presentation As A Company Employee…But One Thing Disappointed Him

It was still impressive!

BTS‘s Jin recently became an “employee” of Nexon, the company in charge of video game MapleStory. He even joked on Instagram that he was “joining a major company,” attaching a photo of his employee ID!

In a video released on August 18, he went right to work and did something many people dread—he pitched his ideas to his “superiors” with a powerpoint presentation.

The K-Pop idol both impressed fans and brought them to laughter with his presentation skills. On one hand, he eloquently shared his thoughts on improving the game by “making more good hunting maps” so that more maps aren’t abandoned…

…and giving each village “its own unique characteristics.

He also suggested special events for Chuseok, an upcoming major holiday celebrated in Korea.

But on the other hand, the “Butter” singer said hilarious things like receiving severance pay…

…and explaining why his nickname on the slide was Worldwide Handsome!

After the video was released, Jin took to Weverse to reflect on the experience. He shared that he now has more respect for people who make powerpoint slides. Moreover, he revealed that he actually had over ten ideas, but unfortunately, only a handful were shown in the episode. It was disappointing, but he was nonetheless happy that he could share his ideas.

After doing this powerpoint presentation, I have gained respect for those that make ppts. I had more than 10 ideas I wanted to share, so I was sad that only 3-4 of them made it in the episode. But I feel relieved that I got to say a lot of what I wanted to say.

— Jin

He also expressed his wish for fans to visit HYBE and present their own powerpoint. Calling the experience “refreshing and fun,” he thanked the company’s staff for helping him out.

I am waiting for the day that our ARMYS will come to HYBE to present a powerpoint. It’s actually quite refreshing and fun. I also want to thank our agency staff for helping me make the powerpoint even with my lacking ideas.

— Jin

Jin’s reflection on his presentation | Weverse

In response to the post, fans started calling him “office warrior Kim Seokjin” and volunteered to personally pay a visit to HYBE. Many went on to praise his acting skills, which were especially noticeable at the end of the video.

Finally, they praised him for a job well done after a hard day’s work. Whether he’s a K-Pop idol or company employee, Jin always does his best—and people can’t help but love him for it!

Source: YouTube