BTS Found The Best Way To Celebrate Jin’s Win At The “2022 The Fact Music Awards”

We expected nothing less from the chaotic icons.

BTS might be one of the most successful and famous groups in the world, but ARMY are well aware of their immense humility and the way the group never takes themselves seriously, especially at awards shows. BTS recently attended the 2022 The Fact Music Awards (also known as TMAs), and the group continually reminded ARMY why they love them so much.

Not only were their speeches full of BTS’s love for their fans…

But, as always, the members had fun being goofy, like how Jin and V went viral for their actions during Jimin’s speech. And BTS further showed off their chaotic side when Jin received an individual award, the “FAN N STAR Individual Choice” award.

Jin receiving the FAN N STAR Individual Choice award | @btssomma/Twitter

Of course, fans were incredibly proud of Jin for receiving such a well-deserved award, loudly cheering for him during his acceptance speech.

And BTS were, of course, proud too, as they took the opportunity to give Jin a grand entrance to the stage, acting as his bodyguards as they literally carried him like the king he is.

| THE FACT/YouTube
| @bangtan_com_ph/Twitter
| @bangtan_com_ph/Twitter

And ensured he got the spotlight he deserves.

No matter the venue, BTS will always support each other in the most chaotic and endearing way.

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