Here Are All The Awards Jin Gave BTS For 2021 FESTA

He gave them leJindary prizes.

Worldwide Handsome Jin is bestowing awards on BTS for 2021 FESTA!

Jin | Weverse

Every June, BTS celebrates their June 13, 2013 debut day with FESTA, a celebration that brings fans new content and member profiles. This year, each BTS member received fictional awards at the Bangtan Awards from his fellow members.

Jin gave RM gave the “donation award” because he occasionally gives away figurines that look expensive.

Jin and RM

Jin gave the “consistent award” to Suga for having stayed the same from BTS’s debut until now. He hasn’t changed at all!

Suga and Jin

Jin gave J-Hope the “Jwa-hope award,” an award cutely named after himself. His reason? It’s simple. J-Hope and Jin recently had a few drinks together.

J-Hope and Jin 

Jin gave Jimin an award for not being puffy as a sweet way to boost his confidence. At times, Jimin worries that he looks puffy or bloated, but Jin assures him that isn’t true at all.

Jimin hugging Jin

Jin acknowledged V‘s dedicated work ethic with the “vacation award.” He is giving V a well-deserved vacation as a thank you for helping BTS adjust their schedules.

V singing with Jin

Jin gave BTS’s Muscle Bunny, Jungkook, a “muscle award.” According to Jin, Jungkook is so strong that he could lift their members with one hand!

Jin carrying Jungkook. | HYBE

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Source: Weverse