BTS’s Jin Gave Up His Precious Sleep To Wish RM A Happy Birthday

Worldwide handsome all day baby!

BTS’s RM held a quick live stream to thank fans for the birthday wishes and the members came in with cakes to celebrate his special day.

Members J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin entered the room first with two different birthday cakes as they sang happy birthday to their leader. The live stream was already chaos even with just these four members, but the hyung line Suga and Jin came in not too long after with even more chaos.

Suga brought his guitar and started belting out happy birthday while Jin showed up looking like he just woke up a few minutes ago.

Fans could tell right away from Jin’s face that he literally just woke up before entering the live stream.

The members joked around with their oldest hyung as they pointed out his red face, sleepy eyes, and pressed down hair. Jin even commented, “I didn’t drool!”

Jin was also caught taking some snacks as he left the room. “You’re the best Namjoon. Give me some cake if there’s any leftovers.”

But honestly, Jin is still looking ‘worldwide handsome’ even though he just woke up! Watch more of what went down in the full live stream below.


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