BTS’s Jin Is So Handsome That Even Directors Struggle To Choose Just One “Good” Side Profile

It doesn’t help when you’re “Worldwide Handsome!”

Since debuting, BTS‘s Jin has gained attention for his outstanding talent, charming charisma, and of course, his undeniable visuals. It isn’t surprising that the idol has gained the title “Worldwide Handsome” for his handsomeness which is perfect for a K-Pop star but could easily cement his actor status.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram
| @jin/Instagram 

It seems as if it isn’t just ARMYs who think Jin is so handsome, and it even caused some problems for directors when BTS is filming music videos.

BTS recently released some behind-the-scenes footage from when the group was filming the music video for their collaboration track with Coldplay called “My Universe.”

While filming his solo scenes, BTS’s Jin proved his professionalism by making sure he knew exactly what he was doing but also treating fans to his gorgeous vocals at the same time.

At one point, one of the staff members asked Jin which was his better side so they could focus on it during the shoot. However, considering how handsome he is, it isn’t surprising that the group’s oldest member added, “I don’t really have a preference but if I have to pick, it’s the right side.”

Jin then explained that it was something a lot of directors asked about and that he always picks his right side, even though he doesn’t mind about which angle.

He then added that even the directors struggle to pick one, and it must be helpful that Jin can recommend an angle to showcase his handsomeness.

A lot of directors ask ‘Do you prefer your right side or left?’ And I answer ‘I’m all right with both but if I have to pick…’ because it’s hard for the directors to decide.

— Jin

Whether it was a coincidence or not, after the video was released, a hot topic on the Korean forum theqoo gained attention from netizens after talking about both the left and right profile of JIn.

In the post, netizens shared collages of Jin showcasing his left side…

| theqoo
| theqoo

And also his right side profile.

| theqoo
| theqoo

In the comments, netizens couldn’t hide their shock at seeing the photos, sharing thoughts like, “He looks pretty from any angle,” “How can someone be so handsome?” and the classic, “Why doesn’t he act with that face?

It’s hard to argue with them as Jin has always showcased effortless visuals, whether he is being cute, sexy, or charismatic.

| @jin/Instagram
| @jin/Instagram
| @jin/Instagram

You can read more from the behind-the-scenes footage of “My Universe” below.

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Source: BANGTANTV and theqoo


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