BTS’s Jin Wore An Adorable Green Bow During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” And Here’s The Reason Why

He definitely is the gift that keeps on giving!

BTS recently wowed fans worldwide with their online concert PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. Despite the current circumstances, the group treated ARMYs worldwide with a concert that was enough to have fans full of excitement, even in their own homes.

BTS during their online concert | @KPop_Herald/ Twitter

From Jungkook‘s new haircut, V‘s heartfelt message about his injury, and much more, it was full of moments that fans couldn’t get enough of. Another member who caught the eyes of fans was none other than “Worldwide Handsome” Jin! In particular, fans couldn’t stop gushing about the green bow he wore during the concert.

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

As expected, Jin definitely looked like a true treasure with the bow. Knowing that ARMYs might want to know why he wore the accessory, Jin shared the meaning behind it.

Hello, this is Jin. Cute, right? This concert feels like a gift to you, ARMY. With that in mind, to wrap up, I prepared this with the intention of sending Seokjinnie as a gift…

— Jin

However, Jin then jokingly added that the idea that he wore the bow because he was a gift was actually wrong. He then shared the real reason behind the bow, and ARMYs definitely cannot complain about the hilarious truth.

I didn’t actually prepare it with this thought, but I just did it because there was this pretty item in the waiting room.

— Jin

Unsurprisingly, although it wasn’t done with the idea of being a present in mind, Jin was definitely the gift that kept on giving for ARMYs. With the return of his patented pink microphone, Jin was radiating visuals and talent during the concert.

Although Jin said it was unintentional, ARMYs have also shone a light on the fact that green bows signify mental health awareness, which is something that Jin has always advocated in his words, lyrics, and actions.

There is no denying that Jin and the rest of BTS were a true gift to ARMYs. Hopefully, with the concerts in LA set, the rest of the world can follow and watch the group live as soon as possible.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: @btsinthemoment