Jin Reveals How Halsey Became Part Of A Special BTS Tradition

He talked about working with Halsey in a new interview.

BTS has taken “ARMY‘s girl” Halsey under their wings by including her in a special pre-performance tradition.


When BTS and Halsey met at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAS), no one knew they would be performing on that stage together two years later. At the 2019 BBMAs, they blew everyone away with their collaboration, “Boy With Luv”.


On July 2, Anan magazine released their July issue featuring an in-depth interview with BTS. In it, Jin talked about working with Halsey and the tradition she became a part of at the BBMAs. 


“I’m shy of strangers,” he said. “and I’m sad that I couldn’t really get to talk with Halsey a lot…but when we danced for the first time during the MV shoot, it was really fun.”


“BTS has this tradition of whispering in tiny voices ‘RM, J-HOPE,…’ right before our performances on the dark stage, but we also said Halsey’s name at the BBMAs. This relaxed everyone’s tensions.”


Yep, it’s official. Halsey the 8th member of BTS!