BTS’s Jin Handwrites Special Letter To Fans For His Birthday

He expressed all of his feelings through a handwritten letter.

BTS fans from all over the world began celebrating Jin‘s 26th birthday! Although it may not be December 4th yet in the States, Jin officially turned 26 in the Korean time zone!


Multiple hashtags celebrating Jin’s birthday on Twitter began trending worldwide. Fans used a variety of his solo songs, his stage name and birth name (Kim Seok Jin) for their clever hashtags!


As a response to all of the overwhelming birthday celebrations, Jin uploaded a handwritten letter expressing his gratitude and love for all ARMYs around the world!

“Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday!!”

— Jin


He thanked everyone for celebrating his birthday on multiple social media platforms, as well as allowing them to win prestigious awards. He apologized that he was not able to prepare any special event for his fans this year but promised to do more in the future.

Hello. It’s Jin.

Clap clap clap Everyone it’s my birthday today.

I’m so happy to be celebrating my birthday.
I’m happy that it’s my birthday but I’m even more happy to see ARMYs celebrate and enjoy doing something together on Twitter, cafe, and more. ARMYs’ happiness is my greatest happiness.

Also, we recently won the grand award and the popularity award!

I’m very very happy about the grand award but I really really love the popularity award that we won thanks to our ARMY❤

Thank you so so much, ARMY!

Oh… and I always prepared something for everyone to enjoy but I’m sad that I wasn’t able to prepare anything this year ㅠ.ㅠ

I’ll work harder to always show you good image and good contents. I love you❤


— Jin


At the end of the letter, he cutely added a few phrases in English specifically for international ARMYs!

“Sorry to my international ARMY that I am not good at English [sic].

But I love you ❤


— Jin


Happy Seokjin Day for both Jin and ARMYs!