BTS’s Jin Unlocked A New Hidden Talent On “Run BTS!” That Left Even His Members Amazed

And he knows he’s good!

BTS‘s Jin is multi-talented for sure!

BTS’s Jin

The latest episode of Run BTS! showed the seven members playing a variety of unique games as part of their mini field day, and the oldest seemed to have found his true sports calling.

He figured out that he’s a natural at football—that is, football played on an inflatable mini field with soap lathered all over it.

While most of the members initially struggled to reach the ball due to the slippery flooring…

…Jin was quickly able to kick it inside the opponent’s goal.

He celebrated loudly, and rightfully so! He made sure his teammates spotted his prowess, saying, “Did you see that? Did I tell you I was a soccer pro?”

The others did not hide their amazement either. J-Hope from the opposing team readily acknowledged the new talent of his hyung.

Wow, who is he? What’s with his shot?

— J-Hope

Jin, V, and Jungkook hugged it out, celebrating as if they had won the entire round. The former made sure to say one last time, “Jungkook, did I tell you I was a soccer pro?”

Now we know—Jin’s talent is slippery soccer!

Source: Twitter