BTS’s Jin Makes History In Less Than A Day With Release Of “Yours,” OST For K-Drama “Jirisan”

He’s making history all by himself this time!

BTS make history almost every day, but Jin is now doing it all by himself!

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On November 7, tvN K-Drama Jirisan‘s OST “Yours” by Jin was released. Already, it has made history and quite a lot at that.

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The song made its debut on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart at No. 1! In fact, Jin’s new winter ballad has ranked No. 1 on iTunes in over 80 countries already so far. This includes the United States.

As a result, “Yours” is now officially the only K-Pop solo song with the most No. 1’s on iTunes in 2021. It’s also the song with the most No. 1’s this year by an Asian artist! Not only that, but it is the second song with most No. 1’s by a soloist this year for iTunes.

Now, Jin has entered the Global Digital Artist Top 40 Rank. Currently, he is ranked at #36 as of the time of writing, but he continues to rise.

Also, he and fellow BTS member V are the only holders of the title of “first and only Korean OSTs” to reach No. 1 on the US iTunes chart.

Jin (left) and V (right).

Last year, V released “Sweet Night,” OST for JTBC‘s hit K-Drama Itaewon Class. Previously, he and Jin did an OST for Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (which V also acted in) called “Even If I Die, It’s You” (also known as “It’s Definitely You”). They are our OST kings!

Additionally, Jin’s “Yours” earned the biggest debut of a Korean OST on Spotify! With 1.4 million filtered and partial streams, it debuted at No. 45 on Spotify’s global chart. Still, it is the first Korean OST even to enter the chart!

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Spotify has even added it to some of their playlists, such as “K-Pop Rising.” Let’s get those streams!

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While Jin currently only has his duet OST with V and “Yours” as his solo songs on Spotify, he already has over 1 million monthly listeners. He is the third male Korean artist after BTS and Agust D (BTS’s Suga) to enter the top 50 of the Spotify Global Chart.

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It’s just been a day, and Jin has already accomplished so much with his first solo OST. Keep in mind also that he has achieved all of these accomplishments with no promotions!

Naturally, ARMY couldn’t be more proud of Jin right now. Fans have been expressing their excitement on social media.

Jin’s voice is beyond perfect for OSTs. Especially with his acting abilities, each ballad is like his own monologue. We never fail to be in awe with solos!

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