BTS’s Jin Earns A New Nickname For His “Worldwide Handsome” Arrival At Incheon Airport

Reporters adore him.

The one and only Worldwide Handsome Jin just touched down in Korea, but he’s already making headlines!

BTS’s Jin

On April 19 (KST), most of BTS’s members landed at Incheon International Airport, following their 4-day PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Las Vegas. Jin arrived in style, wearing designer clothes that were fashionable and comfortable.

He combined items by Thom Browne (dress shirt, pants, and backpack) with accessories by Louis Vuitton (cap and mules).

BTS’s Jimin and Jin

As usual, Jin greeted the fans and reporters who had gathered to welcome BTS home, waving to the crowd while keeping his injured hand safe in his pocket.

As it turns out, Jin’s cap and mask couldn’t conceal his beauty. His stunning visuals earned Jin a new nickname from the Korean press; “The Best, Representative Handsome Man In The Universe.”

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Source: Newsen