Introvert BTS’s Jin Shared His Worries About Attending J-Hope’s Listening Party, And J-Hope’s Reaction Showcases His True Personality

BTS are always so considerate of each other!

When it comes to idol groups, although members work harmoniously together, it doesn’t mean that their personalities are the same. For BTS, all of the members are in perfect sync, but they couldn’t be more different.

Recently, this was on show when oldest member Jin showcased his introverted side.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Earlier in the month, J-Hope held a listening party for his album Jack In The Box, and it seemed to be attended by everyone in the K-Pop industry.

(From left to right) BTS’s V, Yoon Mirae, BTS’s J-Hope, BIBI, and Tiger JK | @nakedbibi/Twitter
(From left to right) Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK, BIBI, and BTS’s RM | @drunkentigerjk/Instagram

Yet, one person who was seemingly absent in all of the images was BTS’s Jin. After the party, the idol went onto Weverse and clarified that he was there but shared the reasons why there weren’t many pictures taken of him.

Fan: J-hope, why didn’t you invite me. I can go and clean so please send me an invite…

Jin: I went too and listened to all the songs and read webtoons in the corner so there’s no pictures taken of me.

| Weverse

Another fan immediately expressed their disbelief that Jin would be in the corner of a party reading a webtoon, but Jin assured them it was true.

Fan: How could a superstar be reading a webtoon at a party?

Jin: No, I really only knew Bang PD and Pdogg so I was hiding.
| Weverse

Recently, BTS released some behind-the-scenes footage from the party and it truly showcased just how introverted Jin is.

While all of the members were getting ready for the party, Jin asked J-Hope, “Are we all going to sit down and listen to music?” J-Hope then explained that the setting was a lot less formal as everyone would be standing up. He also reassured Jin that it would all make sense once he saw the room.

Jin seemed hesitant after hearing this and added, “Oh, I feel really uncomfortable meeting new people.” He then asked J-Hope if he really had to do the whole “meet and greet” thing with the guests.

As expected, the other half of 2seok didn’t want to force Jin to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with but shared that he couldn’t have done the event without the group’s oldest member.

No, you don’t have to. After the event is over, you can just say you enjoyed the music. We can’t not have Jin there.

— J-Hope

Jin didn’t seem to be the only member of BTS who was nervous about interacting with so many people. Jimin also shared that he would probably be in the bathroom most of the evening. Even Jungkook seemed nervous when they got out into the room.

As expected, J-Hope stuck to his promise, and Jin left the party earlier than the others. Yet, he still showcased his polite personality by greeting and speaking to everyone that approached him, even when he was leaving.

Although Jin seems to be energetic and confident, his true personality is very different and reflects his INTP MBTI result. J-Hope truly showcased how much he cares for Jin, ensuring his member that he didn’t have to do anything that made him feel uncomfortable, cementing their family-like status.

You can read more about BTS helping Jin’s shyness at the listening party below.

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Source: BANGTANTV/YouTube

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