BTS’s Jin Reveals That J-Hope Finally Went For A Drink With Him, And Here’s What Happened

There’s also a plot twist to the story!

BTS‘s Jin recently took to Weverse to try and catch the attention of fellow member J-Hope, and it seems as if all that work and dedication has finally paid off!


Last month, Jin went on a commenting spree on the platform in an attempt to try and get J-Hope to have drinks with him! However, this wasn’t just an isolated event, and he tried several times to get the attention of his member!

It seems like, after all of the hard work and dedication, Jin’s efforts have finally paid off! BTS recently took part in a Zoom call with 200 very lucky ARMYs where they shared some special stories with the fans and made everyone very jealous!

In particular, during one part of the call, while Suga was dancing to the group’s latest track, “Permission to Dance,” J-Hope couldn’t stop praising his member for his dance skills and how much he has improved!

After witnessing some of Suga’s moves, Jin revealed that he had actually watched a fancam of Suga recently. Although that was sweet enough, he was actually drinking with J-Hope when this happened.

When they were relaxing, Jin revealed that they decided to watch YouTube, and the fancam for “Boy With Luv” appeared on the first page. Jin explained that it just happened to be on the first time and added that they also watched the choreography version of the song on a big-screen television.

Yet, later on in the event, Jimin actually exposed Jin on the topic of going for drinks. An ARMY asked Jin if he had been for drinks with J-Hope. Although he replied that they’ve only drunk a few times together, Jimin couldn’t disagree more. He explained that although Jin says this a lot, the two members actually go for drinks quite a lot!

Even if Jin might have been exaggerating, and just wants more time with J-Hope, it is nice to know that the members still have time to hang out together and just relax!

You can watch the whole clip below!

Source: @pere_bts


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