BTS Jin And J-Hope’s Game Of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” At Incheon Airport Has An Iconic Outcome

We need a friendship like 2seok!

Whenever BTS leaves for schedules abroad, the hot topic on everyone’s lips is the members at the airport. Ever since they debuted, the members haven’t disappointed whenever they arrive at Incheon Airport, whether it’s with their impeccable fashion choices and unbeatable manners towards the press and fans.

Recently, as the members made their way to America, it was no exception and one duo that caught the attention of netizens was Jin and J-Hope.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right) | @bts_twt/Twitter

The members recently treated fans at Incheon Airport as they headed for America to join President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss racial discrimination and anti-Asian hate crimes.

As soon as they all arrived, minus Jungkook who had wowed fans the previous day, the group gained attention for their effortless airport looks and visuals. They also had the cutest reactions to seeing ARMYs and were truly respectful towards the press.

Well, it seems like the members were also having a lot of fun together, and one clip with Jin and J-Hope particularly caught the attention of fans.

As soon as the members stepped out of the car, 2seok gained attention for their adorable interactions with each other, some of which were caught on camera.

As expected, BTS’s “Happy Virus” J-Hope couldn’t seem to hide his excitement at the airport and seemed full of energy as the members walked through the airport.

As the cameras started to pan to the other members, Jin and J-Hope could be seen playing rock, paper, scissors in the background of the shot. Unfortunately, the cameras moved away before ARMY could see the result of the game.

Yet, it seems like it might have been a victory for J-Hope as when the cameras moved back to all the members, Jin was now carrying J-Hope’s bag. Many also thought that it confirmed that Jin’s hand was getting better after having surgery on it earlier in the year.

When the videos were shared on social media, netizens couldn’t get over the 2seok duo. Whether it’s on Instagram or in real life, Jin and J-Hope have this unbreakable bond and their friendship with each other is undeniable.

Yet, J-Hope still proved how genuine their friendship is as they moved further toward the press. Even though J-Hope had won the game, he showcased how much he still cares for Jin.

When the members made it through the doors away from the press and fans, he took the bag straight off Jin as the idol was holding it with the hand that had surgery on it.

Since debuting, Jin and J-Hope have always showcased a playful friendship with each other. Yet, no matter what, they always cement that their top priority is each other’s safety and health.

Even though the members like to have fun with each other, J-Hope’s attitude toward Jin showcased that they are a true family who always looks out for each other.

You can read more about 2seok and their friendship below.

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Source: Star Plus and KOREA Dispatch


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