BTS’s Jin Had A Head-On Collision With “Jibooty”

He had the best possible reaction to this funny accident.

Hello, 911? I’d like to report an accident. Yes, it’s about BTS. No, I’m not the victim this time…

Over the years, fans have given BTS’s Jimin many nicknames, including Jibooty. Urban Dictionary defines “Jibooty” as, “the high definition of the gluteus Maximus sculpted on to our booty god, Park Jimin” and “the best booty you have ever seen.” 

This derriere isn’t just dashing; it’s dangerous, and Jin found that out firsthand.

On August 21, BTS held a live broadcast with fans where they reacted to their new “Dynamite” music video and answered ARMY’s questions. At one point, Jimin, Jin, and V got up to do the moonwalk…

…and that, officer, is when the trouble started.

When Jimin sat down, his booty hit Jin right in the head.

Jin reacted by saying, “Jimin, your butt looks so nice when seen from behind”…because of course he did. They’re leJindary words from a leJindary man!

This hilarious incident is destined to go down in BTS history as another “subtitles that seem fake but aren’t” moment.

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