BTS’s Jin And Jimin Reveal The Surprisingly Simple Way To Make Them Laugh

But it only works with these members 😂

All members of BTS are known to get along extremely well with each other, and one reason why may be because of their similar sense of humor.

BTS on the Today show.

In a recently released 7-second interview, Jimin, Jin, and RM were asked to pick the members whose humors are similar like theirs.

Who has the same sense of humor as you?

— 7-second interview question

Although no one picked each other, their answers were still funny and heartwarming! Jin and Jimin even revealed what makes them laugh nowadays.

First up was Jimin, and he chose Jin—the easygoing, oldest member of the group. It doesn’t take much for Jin to make Jimin laugh. In fact, he doesn’t have to do anything at all! “Just watching his face is fun. Just looking at him is so fun“.

Jin, on the other hand, picked maknae Jungkook and leader RM. Similar to Jimin’s answer, he gets a good laugh simply by looking at them.

I’d say these days, Jungkook and RM share the same sense of humor as me. Like, we find it funny even just looking at each other.

— Jin

Finally, RM gave a wholesome and sweet answer. When asked who has the same humor as him, he chose J-Hope and Jin, calling them “angels”.

I’d say J-Hope and Jin these days. They’re literal angels. Angels.

— RM

If just looking at each other is enough to make them laugh, they probably smile a lot during the day!

Catch more of BTS in the full video below.