BTS’s Jin, Jimin, And V Engage In “Spicy” Debate — Netizens React

“I was shocked to see the army hyung make an entrance…”

BTS members debated on how to best relieve the pain from spicy foods.

From left: V, Jin, and Jimin | Soundcloud

The debate started when, on September 13, Jimin asked his fans if they also felt better eating something hot while suffering from the effects of spicy food.


I’m just really, really curious. I’m asking you guys because I can’t search for the answer anywhere.

You know how it’s really spicy when you eat spicy food? [sic] Although there is momentary pain, don’t you feel better when you eat something hot?

Is there anyone else who agrees with me?

— Jimin

Jimin then continued sharing his revelation and doubled down on his theory on how to best combat spicy foods.


Seriously, you know how the spiciness lasts long when you eat something cold after? Do you know what happens when you eat something hot? It hurts briefly, but then it gets better.

Seriously, try it. I’m recommending it. Don’t eat something too hot, though. After you experience it, please leave a comment.

— Jimin

To fans’ surprise, Jin, who is currently in the military, chimed in with a head-scratching response.


Thank you. After experiencing it again, this time, I was accepted into Harvard University. Thank you so much.

— Jin

Jimin then pleaded with Jin to test out his theory for himself in the military, to which Jin replied with another puzzling response.


Thank you. After reading this, I tried eating something hot after eating something spicy, and I was accepted to Seoul University.

— Jin

Fans were then delighted when V added to the debate with a very simple but equally effective response.


Spicy food is simply just spicy.

— V

The exchange between the members has since gone viral, with many celebrating the members’ friendship.

  • “Park Jimin, LOL. Ah, seriously, LOL. Did you eat Buldak Bokkeum (spicy ramen) or something?”
  • “I was shocked to see the army hyung make an entrance, LOL.”
  • “Jimin is weird but cute.”
  • “I love Jin and Jimin, ㅠ.”
  • “Jin’s responses, LOL. I love it when Jimin and Jin go back and forth.”
  • “Is my baby obsessed with this these days? LOL. Cute.”
  • “LOL, why is this so cute?”
  • “LOL, Jin, why are you so cute?”
  • “I mean, Mr. Jimin, don’t you burn your tongue?”
  • “LOL, so you got into Seoul University and Harvard thanks to Jimin?

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Source: theqoo