BTS’s Jin Joins The UNICEF “Honors Club” Thanks To His Generous Donations

He has such a big heart.

BTS‘s Jin has joined an exclusive list of Korean celebrities after joining UNICEF’s “Honors Club”. Only individuals who have donated more than 100 million KRW ($83,836 USD) in total to UNICEF are allowed to join.

Jin has been donating an undisclosed amount of money every month since May of 2018, and decided to reveal his joining of the honors club in hopes of being a good influence to have other’s join in and donate too. He previously did not let people around him know about his donations.

UNICEF Korea’s secretary general Lee Ki Chul thanked Jin for his meaningful donation.

I am very thankful to BTS’s Jin for his meaningful donation to help provide a message of hope to children around the world of being an inspiration to others.

We hope that this donation will serve as an opportunity to bring attention to many young people also participating in donating.

— Lee Ki Chul

Other Korean celebrities who have joined the UNICEF Honors Club include figure skating legend Kim Yuna, actors Ahn Sung Ki and Won Bin, and various company CEO’s.

Source: Osen