BTS’s Jin And Jungkook Create Hilarious Acrostic Poems Ahead Of BANG BANG CON 21

There seems to be a recurring theme!

BTS is preparing for their upcoming BANG BANG CON 21 and getting fans excited at the same time! V and J-Hope recently treated fans to acrostic poems, and Jin and Jungkook were the next pair to have a try. As expected, it was pure chaos!

BTS’s eldest member Jin was up for first, and the start was promising!

BANG: Bangtansonyeondan is.

— BTS’s Jin


— BTS’s Jin

Yet, like V and J-Hope, Jin also seemed to have a fascination with corn salad!

CON: Corn salad will be on the menu?

— BTS’s Jin

Maknae Jungkook was next and, although praised by Jin as “beautiful,” his first attempt might not have been what fans expected!

Even with love from Jin for his first poem, Jungkook tried again, and there seemed to be a pattern emerging!

BANG: Bangtansonyeondan.

— BTS’s Jungkook

BANG: Just had.

— BTS’s Jungkook

But Jungkook quickly continued with a familiar theme and proved that the group might deserve a sponsorship soon!

CON: Corn salad…

— BTS’s Jungkook

With more members yet to come, it will be interesting to see whether they also have a real love of corn salad!

While you wait for BANG BANG CON 21, Make sure to watch the whole video below!