BTS’s Jin, J-Hope, And Jungkook Tried To Entertain A Baby…It Didn’t Go Well

This baby was NOT a fan.

BTS loves kids and kids love them too, but not every child is a fan!

Jimin with a child actor from “Permission to Dance” MV

Yesterday, BTS released the preview for their much-anticipated BTS MEMORIES OF 2020 DVD. This annual DVD package includes behind-the-scenes clips from BTS’s performances, shoots, and more.


In one scene, JinJ-Hope, and Jungkook tried to make a baby laugh on set, while dressed in their “ON” cloaks. This didn’t go the way they expected!

From left to right: Jin, Jungkook, and J-Hope.

When the baby started to cry, J-Hoped peaced out faster than BTS tickets sell out…

…and Jungkook turned away, cracking up.

Jin, ever polite, apologized to the baby. “Sorry!” he said, following J-Hope and Jungkook.

To see the full scene, order your own copy of BTS MEMORIES OF 2020 today! Until then, check out the preview here: