BTS’s Jin, Jungkook, And The Deleted Slap-Battle You Need To See

They never stop.

BTS‘s Jin and Jungkook have a 5-year age gap between them, but you’d never know it. Despite being the group’s oldest and youngest members, they’re more like twins!

Jin | Run BTS!/Weverse

More often than not, cameras catch these two playfighting on shows, on stage, and pretty much everywhere else. Slaps, kicks, and (light?) punches are all fair game!

Jungkook | Run BTS!/Weverse

That said, not every “fight” makes the cut. The latest behind the scenes video for Run BTS!, includes some Jin and Jungkook chaos that wasn’t in episode 148. Right before filming began, Jungkook started singing, “rollin’, rollin’, rollin’.” 

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

This was, apparently, Jin’s cue to mess with him. Jin reached over to grab the maknae and accidentally injured himself in the process.

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

Did Jin keep his hands to himself after this? Nope. He smacked Jungkook for, and I quote, “no reason.” 

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

Naturally, Jungkook had to smack Jin back. It was only fair. Now…

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

Let the slap-battle begin! Jin and Jungkook went back and forth smacking each other as many times as they could before the cameras started rolling…but who won?

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

Answer: we did. For more behind the scenes moments, find out what happened when Jimin turned Jin into a human chair:

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